Happy Father’s Day

We celebrate Father’s day this Sunday. Let’s keep Dad / Grandpa / Uncle well nourished with good food, love and laughter!

Did you know that this year marks the 108th anniversary of celebrating Father’s Day and it all started way back in Washington when a young girl was listening to a Mother’s day sermon at church. She wondered why her single Dad could not be honoured in the same way.

The honour of “Father’s Day” may also be bestowed on a single female Parent aka “the ‘Father’ with a cleavage!” I was one for more than 15 years and in his junior primary school years, my son brought home his Father’s day card made especially for me in the classroom.

Celebrating Father’s Day isn’t only celebrating Fathers; it also celebrates those in your life who are a Father-figure to you, be it an unmarried uncle, an older brother, a step-father or your mother’s older cousin twice removed! It may even be a wise elder in your community.

But “what” exactly is it that we “celebrate”? Let’s take a look:

Fathers are the ones we generally go to for advice. Let’s face it: Dad’s know stuff!

Dad’s are adventurous – they camp, surf, hike, watch scary movies with you, teach you to fish, try tricks they should have stopped doing 10 years ago, watch Super Sports with you and cheer you on at the side of the sports field when you play your sport.

They are your personal banker, your removal company, taxi service, body guard and motivational speaker. They generally don’t mind being silly to make you feel better or to get back the smile after your heart has been broken.

They help hide the sweets and chocolates with you so Mom can’t find them.

Dad will even cut you some slack when Mom is out; you can finish watching your movie and go to bed that little later. He will allow you to have a second helping of ice-cream AND show you how to lick the bowl to get the last little bit!

Most Dads can do cool DIY projects with you for school or for you ~ like make a go-cart!

Remember who taught you to ride your fist bicycle? or took you to your first sports game? or taught you to light the fire and braai? or taught you to drive……

Our Dad’s are Super Special, let’s remind them on Sunday!

And when steak, chips and eggs are no longer his favourite… we can turn to a breakfast special of omelette and fresh greens or a wholesome Brazilian Black bean stew.
Whatever you decide to serve Dad this weekend, serve it with love and laughter!

From Zucchini & Zest: Have a wonderful Father’s day celebration.

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