Why Organic?

I’ve been going through the earlier blog posts and found this fitting reminder written by my dear friend Joanne. It’s what inspired her to begin Zucchini & Zest and underlines the necessity for making this important, life-changing decision.

“A frightening statistic I recently learnt is that our children are the first generation that may live a shorter lifespan than that of their parents.  This is due to the diseases that are now killing more and more people, including cancer and heart disease.  We blame genes, but only 1% of genes are unchangeable, all the rest can be switched on or switch off by changing diet, nutrients and lifestyle.  This is called epigenetics and is where good quality food comes in.

 The big benefit of organic produce is that because the produce is not sprayed with chemical pesticides, the plants needs to produce their own chemicals to ward off insects and disease.  These substances are then deposited in the plants leaves or roots or other plant parts in the form of phytonutrients.  When we then eat these phytonutrients, they in turn help our immune systems to function better.

 Our environment is filled with chemicals.  The blood in the umbilical cord of babies has been found to have more than 200 different chemicals, some known to be carcinogens and capable of causing cancer.  Choosing to limit the amount and type of chemicals in our food is essential for all of us, to keep those cancer promoting genes switched off.  In my mind, organic is the only way to go for my family, and that is what I am striving to do for other families.”

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