Zucchini and Zest

This company started due to a need to make good quality organic produce more accessible to to more people at a reasonable price.  The misconception that many people have is that organic food is too expensive and not necessary.  What they fail to understand is that eating more healthily does not necessarily mean more expensive.  They also fail to add in the medical costs that come with eating an unhealthy diet.

Our bags are chosen with health in mind.  We put together a variety of vegetables and fruit that are chosen for their range in nutrients, so that you can be sure that your family is getting a broad spectrum of nutrients each week and has the best chance at health.

Although our produce is not certified organic, we try to source from ethical and local farmers and personally check up on where the produce is grown.  We make sure that you are getting the healthiest produce on the market with the least chemicals that you can get. 

How are our bags different?


Our bags strive to give a variety of good quality, seasonal produce that is balanced in nutrient value and is your “rainbow in a bag”.  We believe that it is essential to eat a “rainbow” everyday, meaning that if you are getting a wide variety of different coloured vegetables and fruits into your system everyday then you are getting a broad spectrum of phytonutrients into your body.  We also offer the option of making up your own bags from our list of extras.  

 We then offer support in the form of recipe ideas of how to use those superfoods like kale and our blog will also support you on your road to health, sharing the latest, evidence based research that is coming out on various health issues.  Join us on social media to share recipes or have questions answered or just for some recipe inspiration to take mealtime to a new level of taste and health.

 This is where health starts.  Health is wealth, not gold and silver.  We are not made to just survive, but to thrive!  Join us on your road to better health.  

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