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The contents of the bags below are updated on a Saturday by 3pm for the next week's delivery.  The contents may change slightly due to supply.

You can find gorgeous products hidden under the "extras" tab of each bag!

Orders for milk and yoghurt need to be in by 8am on Monday morning. 

Gluten free orders need to be in by 7am on Tuesday morning

and all other orders by 10am on Tuesday morning.

Bag A

Family Bag


Carrots  *
Tomatoes ±1kg (not organic)
Spinach *
Broccoli *
Cauliflower *
Sweet potatoes* ±1kg
Salad pack 200g *
Oven Roast Veg 750g *
Non-GMO Mielies x 2 *
Oven Roast Veg 750g
* Organic – Not certified


Bag B

Banting friendly bag


Tomatoes 1kg (not organic)
Onions 1kg (not organic)
Cauliflower *
Cabbage *
Broccoli(head or stems) *
Spinach *
Pak Choi *
Spring onion *
Mixed salad pack 200g *
Mixed herbs 100g *

* Organic not certified


Bag C

Regular Totally Organic Bag


Carrots *
Cauliflower *
Broccoli (head/tender-stems) *
Spinach *
Mixed salad leaf pack 200g *
Spring onion *
Kale (bunch) *
Golden beetroot (bunch) *
Dhania / Coriander (bunch)

* Organic not certified


Bag D

Only available for orders of R200 or more


Choose carefully from a variety of available produce from our extras tab.

Just click ‘ORDER’ and tick what you would like.

Please note that orders need to be placed with Zucchini & Zest by 10am on a Tuesday in order for us to deliver to your pick-up point by Thursday 3pm. We will try and accommodate late orders but this is not always possible.


Ordering process

Choose your bag, add your details and any extras to it and press "place order"!  Collect from your chosen collection point on Thursday after 14h30.

Emails are sent out on a Saturday at 3pm, with a link to our ordering page and our latest blog posts.  Orders need to be in by 8am Tuesday morning and then the bag can be collected from your chosen collection point on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (depending on your choice).

Our current collection points are in Glenwood, Westville and the Bluff, with home or office deliveries at present to Durban North at R40 and Westville or Glenwood at R20 delivery fee.  If you would like your office in Morningside or Kloof or Hillcrest used as a drop-off point, just drop us a line.

You can choose from a number of value-for-money veggie bags or make up your own bag from our availability list.  We also have a number of other healthy and organic products you can add to your bag, including milk, eggs, honey, coffee, gluten-free and banting-friendly products, water kefir and kombucha.

If you only want extras or gluten-free products, just choose bag D and go down to the dropdown menu at the bottom to add whichever extras to the bag that you want.

There is a once-off R20 bag fee for our re-usable fabric bags.  You then just bring your bag back to your collection point when you collect your next bag of produce and swap it out for the new bag, easy as that!  You can also bring back any egg cartons, or packaging materials that can be reused (we love sustainability) and you get a refund on the glass Kefir or Kombucha bottles if returned to us, or on your bag if you wish to return it and not order again.