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How’s your Gut feel…..?
“Bad digestion is the root of all evil” ~ Hippocrates

Did you know that you have 2 brains?

Your intellectual brain is in your skull, it makes decisions, learns, allows you to act while your intuitive / spiritual / emotional brain is situated in your gut.

When a tree is ill or diseased the first sign is that the leaves turn colour (yellow or brown).  Correcting the problem by looking at the bark or at the roots and taking corrective action lets the new leaves come out green again.  A tree’s health, starts at the roots.  We don’t fix the tree by painting the leaves green.

Inflammation is the first symptom of disease in the human body.  We need to look for the problem and not cover up the inflammation with anti-inflammatory medication;  normally the root of the problem is in the gut!

What is the gut made up of?

The digestive tube, the organisms inside the gut (intestinal flora), the lymph tissue, immune system and the nervous system all make up the gut.  They work as one orchestra – in fine tune if all is in balance.

Most chronic diseases, like heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, insomnia, depression, asthma, diabetes and arthritis – can all be traced back to an injured or irritated gut.  Even if you don’t have a chronic disease, those minor ailments like, tiredness, aches and pains, allergies, mood swings, lack of libido, bad breath, body odor, eczema and constipation or diarrhea may also be related to gut dysfunction!

Don’t ignore the symptoms – don’t mask or suppress the symptoms with medication. Don’t paint the leaves green!
Organic chemical free foods can also negatively affect your gut health if it is eaten in the wrong combinations, frequency or quantity and certain foods such as sugar, caffeine and dairy could be toxic triggers which initiate a cascade of reactions that make you ill!

Gut function affects every cell in the body – from bone marrow to hair and skin.  Dysfunction in the gut can present itself in many symptoms like a rash – then you go the Dermatologist who treats the rash instead of looking for the root cause – this is painting the leaves green.

70% – 80% of your immune system lives in the gut – just under the gut lining.

Healthy flora and your immune system

1. Healthy flora helps the body to recognize the good from the bad bacteria. i.e immune system cells develop a tolerance to these good bacteria rather than try to kill them.
2. Good flora are the key players in the immune system cells. Sometimes the immune system goes into overdrive making T cells which protect the body against disease and they also get stuck making more killer cells
3. Beneficial flora stimulate the production of protective antibodies (immunoglobulin A)
4. Good flora make short chain fatty acids which feed and strengthen all the cells that line your digestive tract – keeping them healthy.
5. They help form the intestinal lining which keeps the food you eat and the outside world in your intestines and not in the rest of your body.
6. They interact with your immune cells to directly protect you from harmful infections and maintain the function of the lining – which is to form a barrier so that unwanted foreign proteins and infectious agents can’t seep through. This is called Leaky gut syndrome – a condition which leads to autoimmune disease.

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