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Raw milk is milk from cows or goats that has not been pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria. If it’s not raw – it is pasteurized. According to the Real California Milk website, “Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to destroy disease-causing microorganisms and to increase shelf life.” This is also the same process that kills most of the awesome nutrients and enzymes naturally present in the milk.

Pasteurized milk is accused of causing everything from allergies to heart disease and cancer, but back in the day of our grand-parents, these diseases were rare. In fact, clean raw milk from grass-fed cows is FULL of healthy amino acids and beneficial enzymes and back then, was even used as a cure!

With pasteurization the goal is to kill potentially bad bacteria that may have found its way into the milk, but the problem with pasteurization is that it kills off all the beneficial bacteria too – read “probiotics” – as well as harming the vitamins, minerals and denaturing the proteins leading to some of our health issues.

Raw milk is certainly healthier…. but what is all the fuss about “raw milk”? It has to do with pathogens; organisms that may cause diseases such as Salmonella. But whether or not raw milk carries pathogens depends totally on the way the milk is produced, how the animals are fed, and the care that has been taken to keep the milk clean during production, transportation and storage.

Raw milk contains the milk sugar “lactose” in its purest form, and lactose aids in digestion and elimination and organic, raw milk is the only food that has it in a usable form!

Jersey Cow Company and It’s True Organic are two well-known organic dairies in KZN and WE KNOW that they have stringent controls in place to keep check on the quality of their products. Transportation and storage temperatures are strictly monitored and strongly urged to be below 5 deg C to ensure the quality and freshness of their milk and milk products.

Check out this interesting video on raw milk and then go on to our website to order your RAW milk and yogurt by clicking here

Cheers, to your good gut health!

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