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With this colder weather setting in, I thought it a good idea to look at soup and some tips for making great soup. It is easy to throw a bunch of ingredients into a pot, but a few items can turn an okay soup into a fantastic soup!


One of the key ingredients in soup is a good stock. You can either make your own or buy a good stock. This really is the basis of your soup, so don’t skimp on this aspect.


It is very important that you taste your soup as you go along and season it appropriately. Don’t under or over-season. Don’t be scared to use salt, especially Himalayan salt, but other condiments can also give you a lovely taste, such as soy sauce or pesto, added towards the end of cooking time. Paprika also gives the soup a smoky flavour, and a bay leaf is a great addition too.

Don’t overcook

It is important not to overcook your vegetables and turn your soup into a stew. If vegetables are cut into bite size pieces, even potato and celery need no more than 30 minutes until they are ready. Start with some coconut oil or butter and sauté some garlic and onion and then add your more hardy vegetables, such as lima beans, followed by carrots, potato and celery and cook for a little while before adding your stock. Only add tender veggies towards the end of your cook time to avoid them getting overcooked.

Thickening your soup

A great way to thicken your soup, without flour, is to puree cooked potatoes, rice, beans, lentils, celeriac or chickpeas. You can either cook the them on the side, puree and add to the soup, or if you are going to puree the soup anyway then just add the ingredients while cooking the soup and blend with a stick blender at the end.

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