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Zucchini & Zest

Zucchini & Zest was started in order to make good quality organic produce more accessible to more people at a reasonable price. There is a misconception that organic food is either too expensive and even unnecessary. What most fail to understand is that eating healthy is not necessarily more costly. If the medical costs of following an unhealthy diet are considered, this misperception will change.

Our bags are chosen with your health in mind. We’ve included a variety of fruit and vegetables packed with nutrients. So, you can be sure that your family is getting a broad spectrum of nutrients weekly, giving them the best chance at good health.

Although our produce is not always certified organic, we try to source from ethical and local farmers. We personally check up on where the produce is grown and ensure that you are getting the healthiest produce on the market, almost always, free of chemicals and nasty pesticides.

Ordering process

GET YOUR PRODUCE IN A FEW EASY STEPS: Select what you want from our “SHOP”, fill in the form and ‘PLACE ORDER’, Pay by EFT (Bank transfer), and pick-up from a collection point near to you on a Thursday afternoon.

For access to our weekly blog, product updates and special offers, subscribe to our newsletter. Emails are sent out on a Sunday, with a link to our “Shop” and latest blog posts.  Orders need to be in by Monday night and then the bag can be collected from your chosen collection point on Thursday.

Our current collection points are in Glenwood, Sherwood and Westville.  

You can choose from a number of value-for-money veggie bags.  We also have a number of other healthy and organic products you can add to your bag, including milk, eggs, honey, gluten-free and banting-friendly products, water kefir and kombucha (all subject to availability).

A bag is provided at no charge.  You then just bring your bag back to the collection point when you collect your next order and swap it out for the new bag, easy as that!  You can also bring back any egg cartons, or packaging materials that can be reused (we love sustainability) and you get a refund on the glass Kefir or Kombucha bottles if returned to us.

Based in Durban, South Africa, we are dedicated to providing fresh, organic food, straight from the farmers who grow them to your doorstep.
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