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13 August 2017

Beautiful Brinjals

If the thought of an aubergine, eggplant or brinjal brings...

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05 August 2017

Oh for the LOVE of Chocolate!

This is Woman’s week or is it month? Let’s celebrate this...

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29 July 2017

Let’s talk about breakfast

Break-fast, meaning the “morning meal” or since the 15th...

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21 July 2017

We love to Recycle…

For me personally recycling is a no-brainer. Answer this...

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15 July 2017

Raw milk vs Pasteurized milk

Raw milk is milk from cows or goats that has not been...

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07 July 2017

Peppery and warm Turmeric

Turmeric is native to Indonesia and southern India, where...

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Based in Durban, South Africa, we are dedicated to providing fresh, organic food, straight from the farmers who grow them to your doorstep.
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